World Book Day 2020

The children enjoyed a fun-filled day celebrating their love for reading. they enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character, sharing stories with their friends and loved watching a theatre production of The Greatest Fairy Tale Every Told.

During our daily story time, we have been listening to stories written by Roald Dahl.  So far, we have enjoyed George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Giraffe, Pelly and Me, The Magic Finger and Fantastic Mr Fox.

We carried out experiments like George did in George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Emotional health and well-being

The children have been learning how to keep their minds healthy. We talked about how our emotions might change and how that some things might happen in our lives that might affect our emotions. The children learned that by having a good diet, talking to other people about how they feel and by having some time to relax and be mindful, they can look after their emotions and feelings.

Each week, the children take part in Cosmic Yoga where they develop their strength and balance, concentrate on breathing and empty their minds.

The children join their peers once a week during a lunchtime Cosmic Yoga club.

The children have developed a new passion for ‘Doodling’. They learned that like Yoga, there are many benefits to Doodling.

The children enjoy a quick 5 minute Doodle in their free time and a longer session during the lunchtime Doodle Club with their peers.

Healthy Eating Experts

In Science, the children have been learning how to keep their bodies and minds healthy. They discussed the drinks that we have; our likes and dislikes and made predictions as to which drink contained the most sugar.

By learning how to read the nutritional values, the children discovered which drinks were the most and least healthy and how to make swaps to make sure they were not having too much sugar in their diets.

The children learned that animals and humans need to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. We learned that each food groups has a different job to keep different parts of our body healthy.

We planned and made a healthy pizza to make sure the toppings we included were balanced to make it a healthy meal choice.

Super Scientists!



Over the last few weeks, we have been learning what animals and humans need eat to stay healthy.  We know that all animals and humans need a balanced diet to make sure they get all the food groups they need for energy, growth, vitamins and minerals.

We know that birds are omnivores which means they eat both meat and plants.  Using our knowledge, we designed and made bird feeders, then observed which birds were in our school gardens and collected some data.

We looked at the data we collected and discussed which birds were most and least common in our garden.  We learned how birds migrate to warmer countries in the Winter.

Stone Age sleuths

We have been extremely curious learning more facts about the Stone Age, investigating what their diet would have been and the homes they would have lived in.

The children wondered how their diets would have been different to ours and bravely dissected some Stone Age ‘poo’!  Through their investigation, they discovered that Stone Age people were hunter-gatherers eating a diet of berries, nuts and seeds and later on, when they had designed weapons and tools, meat and fish.

The children learned that there were different periods during the Stone Age and as time went on, the Stone Age people became more clever and developed tools to build better homes.   We investigated the names of the homes, what they were built from and how their features changed over the years.    We then enjoyed making a model of one of the homes out of clay and other materials – we even had some models of Stonehenge!

Stone Age painting

In History, the children are learning about the Stone Age. This week, they have investigated how we find out about times that have happened in the past and how the people who lived during those times used to pass on their history in different ways.

The Stone Age people would paint and draw pictures of the walls of caves to pass on their history and how they used to live.  The paintings that have been discovered would tell a story about their lives and used a way to communicate with other people living in those times.

The children enjoyed looking at lots of different images and discussing what they saw, liked and what they may have used to paint and draw.   We turned our classroom into a cave to design our own paintings using a variety of different paints, chalks and crayons.

Have a look at our cave paintings and see if you can read the story we are telling!


Amazing Athletes!

On Tuesday, ARP 2 took part in the SEND mini modern pentathlon at West Croft School near Wolverhampton.

The athletes took part in lots of activities including fencing, target practise, scooter boards and an obstacle course. After each activity, our scores and times were totalled.

We were very pleased to find out we had come 3rd out of 16 other schools! The children are very proud of their sporting achievements!

Merry Christmas!

We have had lots of fun over the last few weeks doing lots of Christmas activities!

We made lots of decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre.  We learned lots of different techniques to fasten, decorate and hang the decorations.

We enjoyed trying lots of traditional Christmas food from around the world.  We enjoyed Yule log from France, Stollen from Germany, mince pies, and Baklava from Turkey.   We can find all these places on a map and tell you which continent they are in.  We can tell you the meaning of the word tradition.  We always remember new facts when food is involved!


Some of us enjoyed a traditional turkey Christmas dinner.  The dining room looked amazing and the cakes tasted fantastic!  We weren’t too sure on the sprouts!

During our last week, we enjoyed performing at our Christmas play.  We were so confident to sing and play pranks in front of our parents and friends.

Amazing Archery

Today, we took part in our first archery lesson in PE.  First we learned the safety rules that we would have to follow every lesson to keep us safe.

Next, we learned how to stand with perfect posture and the different steps we had to take to pick up, aim and fire.

Have a look at the amazing archers on the photos!  Come back in a few weeks to check how much progress we have made.

Children in Need

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about Children in Need.   We talked about the different things we have; loving families, a nice home and lots of toys.  Sadly, we found out that some children are not as lucky as us.  The different activities that we planned, led and took part in helped us to raise lots of money to help less fortunate children.   Miss Maeer gave us the special job of being in charge organising and leading the activities.

We led and took part in lots of different activities to raise money for the charity.   Our first job was to sort the prices, ice the cakes and sort the sweets.  

To show our independence and all of the different skills we have been learning (maths, social, communication) we setup our sweet treats stall where we sold cakes, biscuits and sweets.  We felt very grown up and responsible doing this. We placed our pennies on Pudsey, scored penalties against the goalies, played a golf tournament, sold books, had our faces painted and enjoyed soaking our teachers with wet sponges!

After the excitement of our fundraising day , we use our maths skills to help count the money. First, we recognised each coin and sorted them into sets.  Next, we counted in 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s and 50s to count each group of coins.    Michael was our maths genius and used column addition to help add up the amounts.