Lucky finding

Hello Boys, I hope you are all okay!
Yesterday Miss Appleby was doing some gardening with my family and my brother saw something in the ground…

It was a newt.

We think it may be a girl, so we called her Nora the Newt.

What kind of newt do you think she is?
Have you found any creatures in your garden?

May catch up…

I have been enjoying catching up with you all each week and it’s been great to hear how you have been keeping yourselves busy over the last few weeks. I am impressed with all the work and different tasks you have completed – max out Dojos for you all! Your parents are very proud of you all for working hard and behaving well.

The boys have all been enjoying spending lots of time in their gardens – we have been very lucky to have had some beautiful sunshine.

Alfie B has been creative by re-designing an old t-shirt and building a park out of Lego. He’s been busy gardening and cooking!

Alfie A has enjoyed lots of time in the garden with his pets and family. He has been learning lots of different life skills by helping his Mum and Dad with jobs – good work, soldier!

William enjoyed a short break away before catching up with his activities back at home..

Elliot has enjoyed listening to the radio and singing along to his favourite songs. He has been busy in the garden tending to his seedlings. I have a feeling his sunflowers are going to be very tall!

George has developed his Geography knowledge by learning about Kenya. He has found out lots of facts about the animals and he’s even learned how to speak a bit of Swahili! George’s parents have been extremely impressed with how sensible George and his siblings have been whilst they have been walking out and about – very grown-up!

Damon and his brothers have been enjoying spending time in the garden in the sunshine whilst splashing around in their jacuzzi! Damon has been completing some of his Summer tasks, a bit of gaming and researching his new school.

Viraj has been busy completing his daily reading, writing and maths. His big brother has been teaching Viraj how to learn to ride his bike – he looks really confident! He spotted the Supermoon with his telescope!

Zack’s had a wonderful time out and about catching more Pokรฉmon! He enjoyed doing some VE day activities and baked a delicious cake!

Miss Maeer, Mr Owen and Miss Appleby want you to know that we miss you all lots and think about you often. Here are a few pictures to let you know we have been up to!


Miss Appleby celebrated her birthday this week – we will celebrate with her when we are back in school! She has enjoyed some time in the garden watching baby bees (Miss Maeer was very excited to hear about this!) and going on some walks on Hednesford Hills.

Miss Maeer has been enjoying the sunshine whilst doing some school work. The vegetables are growing well and she has finished the decking! Gemma was very brave and went for a walk in the garden for the first time!

Mr Owen has been enjoyed designing and starting a cross stitch. He carefully mapped out some animals before beginning sewing. Once it has finished, it will be a present for his daughter whose baby will be born in the Summer. We can’t wait to see the finished design!

As always, we send you our love. Stay safe, keep smiling and we will see you all very soon.

Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Miss Maeer bumped into Sue while she was put shopping. Sue wanted to let the children how much they were all missing them and made something for the children to see. I’m sure the children can’t wait to eat Sue’s delicious toast and lunches again soon!