Home Learning

Miss Maeer has been catching up with all the children each week, finding out about the different learning tasks they have completed and experiences they have been enjoying. Sounds like you have all been enjoying spending lots of time in your gardens in the sunshine!

All of the children have been doing some extra reading on Epic in addition to their own books and bedtime stories. This book was a really popular read!

Viraj has been reading the Roald Dahl books – his favourite is Fantastic Mr Fox! He has completed some activities on Seesaw as well as his other jobs. Well done Viraj!

Elliot has been reading lots of books on Epic and watching the videos. He looks forward to ‘Elevenses’ with David Walliams every morning! He has been spending lots of time in the garden and going on local walks. His sunflowers are growing nicely!

Damon has completed lots of Seesaw tasks – well done! He has enjoyed spending some time at his Dad’s and playing in the garden at home with his brothers.

William has loved lots of different activities: trampolining, baking, playing board games and especially his new Science experiment kit!

George and his siblings have loved spending lots of time in the garden. He has built a mansion out of boxes, learned about Orxy and playing with Freddie who has been exploring animals and sea creatures through play.

Alfie B has been listening to lots of audio books on Epic in addition to spending time in the garden. He has designed and made an excellent War Time scene – Mr Owen was really impressed!

Alfie A has enjoyed lots of time learning new skills in the garden. He has impressed his Mum by researching penguins and completing some writing about what he has learned.

Zack has been keeping active by doing a daily walk or workout. He has enjoyed reading books on Epic and has made his parents very proud with some new personal achievements. He has been enjoying exploring his love of Pokémon by creating an NHS rainbow and collecting new Pokémons!

Mr Owen wants you to know that he is missing you all very much and can’t wait to see you all as soon as possible. He has been keeping safe at home whilst making some flowerpot people! His beard is growing nicely… it will soon be as long as Santa’s!!

Miss Appleby has enjoyed lots of time with her family and dogs, whilst keeping her car very shiny. Her family celebrating her sister’s special birthday. How delicious does the cake look?!

In between doing school work, Miss Maeer has been learning new woodwork skills. She is hoping to teach the boys how to build some wooden boxes for our school garden.

We are all very proud of the boys for being well-behaved at home and staying as positive as they can in this very strange time. The staff will have a surprise for you all very soon!

Keep smiling boys; this too shall pass.

With love,

Miss Maeer, Miss Appleby and Mr Owen xxx

Breaking New(t)s!!

I got a pet newt and I called him Tiny…. because he’s my newt 🙂

Miss Maeer was digging in her garden yesterday when she came across a very rare creature. Underneath some dirt, she spotted a newt!

Can you spot which species of newt this is?

Here are some facts about newts:

Newts are getting more rare because there are fewer pond areas. Newts are protected by law and the building of some houses has been stopped until the newts have been found a different place to live.

If a newt loses an eye or part of its tail, it can regrow them.

After a close inspection, Miss Maeer left the newt safely with her neighbours who put it in their pond. Can you find any more facts out about newts?

Happy Easter!

Good morning children!

It’s been lovely to speak to your parents and some of you over the last few weeks.  It sounds like you are keeping busy and most importantly, safe and well.  Thank you for uploading some of your work onto Seesaw – looks like you are working hard!

I thought I’d share some pictures to show you what we have been up to while we’ve been away from school.

I have been enjoying lots of time in the garden in between planning some exciting new experiences for you for when we get back.  I’m growing lots of vegetables and I’ve planted a sunflower for you all.

Gemma has loved having me at home and has loved watching the birds in the garden. My hedgehog is back!  She’s much bigger than last year and I’ve shared some of Gem Gem’s cat food with her.   The bands that I would have been seeing at gigs have been playing their music online so I’ve had my music up LOUD!  I’m missing my parents and Big Rob lots but have been dropping Mum and Dad’s shopping off for them each week.  Dad’s made me a birdbox for the 2 blackbirds that visit me every day.  It’s been nice to speak to my friends and family on Facetime too.

I’ve missed our daily story time so I’ve been re-reading the beautiful book by Charlie Mackesy. Do you remember all of those positive messages that we talked about? I think these pictures from the book are helping lots of people to stay strong during this strange time.

Charlie Mackesy The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and the Horse.

Mr Owen is missing you VERRRRRRY much.  Especially missing fact time and spreading your honey honey and chockywocky on your toast. He’s asked me to tell you that he hasn’t left his house for 4 weeks but has been enjoying time in the garden, doing his cross stitch and puzzle books. Miss Maeer and Mrs Bell have been dropping his shopping off and waving through the window!  He would like you to know that he is growing his hair and beard – I wonder if he will let us shave it off for charity again?   I think Mr O would like a big party when we come back – shall we try and persuade Mrs Bargh and Mrs O’Brien?!

Miss Appleby has been spending time in the garden with her family and dogs; she has enjoyed reading a few books and video chatting with family.  She would like to say that she misses you all and hopes you are keeping safe and looks forward to seeing you all again soon.  

I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of Easter treats – I’m sure you’ll be having max out chockywockydoodah over the next few days!

Stay safe, be good for your parents and keep smiling!

See you very soon,

Lots of love and hugs from Miss Maeer, Mr Owen and Miss Appleby xxxx