Super Sewing

In our Design and Technology lessons, we have learning how things are designed in 2D and made into 3D objects using textiles.

We looked at different examples that other children had made. We enjoyed seeing some of Miss Maeer’s ‘makes’ from when she was 7!

Next, we thought about what to make, who to make it for and what we would use to make our object. We came up with lots of different ideas for a pencil case, puppet and a cuddly toy.

We then asked and answered some questions to explain our design.

We spent some time learning how to do a running stitch which we used to make our designs.

Elliot enjoyed playing with his dog puppet, Alfie made a pencil case for his sister and Viraj made a Blue Titan Ryan toy.

World Book Day 2020

The children enjoyed a fun-filled day celebrating their love for reading. they enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character, sharing stories with their friends and loved watching a theatre production of The Greatest Fairy Tale Every Told.

During our daily story time, we have been listening to stories written by Roald Dahl.  So far, we have enjoyed George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Giraffe, Pelly and Me, The Magic Finger and Fantastic Mr Fox.

We carried out experiments like George did in George’s Marvellous Medicine.