Emotional health and well-being

The children have been learning how to keep their minds healthy. We talked about how our emotions might change and how that some things might happen in our lives that might affect our emotions. The children learned that by having a good diet, talking to other people about how they feel and by having some time to relax and be mindful, they can look after their emotions and feelings.

Each week, the children take part in Cosmic Yoga where they develop their strength and balance, concentrate on breathing and empty their minds.

The children join their peers once a week during a lunchtime Cosmic Yoga club.

The children have developed a new passion for ‘Doodling’. They learned that like Yoga, there are many benefits to Doodling.

The children enjoy a quick 5 minute Doodle in their free time and a longer session during the lunchtime Doodle Club with their peers.

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