Merry Christmas!

We have had lots of fun over the last few weeks doing lots of Christmas activities!

We made lots of decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre.  We learned lots of different techniques to fasten, decorate and hang the decorations.

We enjoyed trying lots of traditional Christmas food from around the world.  We enjoyed Yule log from France, Stollen from Germany, mince pies, and Baklava from Turkey.   We can find all these places on a map and tell you which continent they are in.  We can tell you the meaning of the word tradition.  We always remember new facts when food is involved!


Some of us enjoyed a traditional turkey Christmas dinner.  The dining room looked amazing and the cakes tasted fantastic!  We weren’t too sure on the sprouts!

During our last week, we enjoyed performing at our Christmas play.  We were so confident to sing and play pranks in front of our parents and friends.

Amazing Archery

Today, we took part in our first archery lesson in PE.  First we learned the safety rules that we would have to follow every lesson to keep us safe.

Next, we learned how to stand with perfect posture and the different steps we had to take to pick up, aim and fire.

Have a look at the amazing archers on the photos!  Come back in a few weeks to check how much progress we have made.