It’s another Harvest Festival…

…when we bring our fruit and vegetables!

Today, ARP enjoyed singing and signing our songs during our Harvest Festival celebration.  The children have been doing a lot of reading and learning about why Harvest takes place and what happens.  Elliot was able to tell us the following facts:

A harvest festival is a celebration to thank God for our food.

Harvest festival is in October.

Farmers harvest the food with a combine harvester.

Strawberries are picked by hand.

Potatoes and corn are harvested by machines.

The children performed their song ‘Turnips for Breakfast’ and showed their jokes while the parents listened to their recording.  They felt like pop stars!

This is what the children thought:

George said he felt very happy when he was singing!        William said was very excited and he liked it when he said ‘Ta da’ at the end!      Viraj enjoyed singing to his Dad who came to watch him.

We were so grateful to all the parents who kindly donated food for people less fortunate than us.

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