Busy Bees!

We have had another action-packed week in ARP 2. On Wednesday, we waved goodbye to Mr Owen, Damon and Jayvon who went on their Year 6 residential trip to Condover Hall. They had a fabulous time with their friends doing zip lining, climbing, fencing, swimming and making dens in the woods.

Last week, we went to the woods in search of an elephant hawk moth caterpillar.  We had been talking about these colourful moths and were curious to find one.  Surprisingly, this week, Miss Maeer found one in her garden and brought it into school to show us.

We were amazed at the size – they can grow as long as 9cm!  We learned about its life cycle and how it transforms (through metamorphosis) from a caterpillar (larvae) to a pupa (cocoon, chrysalis) into a moth.

We learned that it has many features for defence – a camouflaged body, a horn on its rear and markings to make it look like it has a huge head with eyes like a snake.  We closely examined the caterpillar and William was able to spot its mandibles!

We were responsible and returned the caterpillar to the wild and placed it carefully on some willowherb. We are hoping to spot the moth when we are outside!

This week in English, we have been learning about the legend of St George and the Dragon. We enjoyed reading the story, becoming familiar with the structure and features of a legend. We added actions to help us remember the story.   We used Colourful Semantics to help us generate vocabulary to describe the dragon.  Some of us concentrated on remembering to include capital letters and full stops in our sentences while others extended sentences with β€˜and’. We planned our sentences, making edits before writing them in our best handwriting.

Our Maths focus has been number and Place Value.  We have learned about the order of numbers, adding ones and tens to make them bigger.  We have been chanting our 2s and 3s times tables, using different ways to remember the multiples.  We enjoyed using Seesaw to independently complete different tasks to show how much we have learned.

We even did some Maths in our PE lesson!

We said Congratulations to Elliot who was our Star of the Week for being confident when trying new things.

Welcome Back!

The children have enjoyed an exciting return to school exploring their new classroom, getting to know their new friends and becoming familiar with their new routines.

In Maths, we have been learning about the value of 2 digit numbers and counting in steps of 1s forwards and backwards. Viraj worked hard to put together his own 100 square while looking at the tens and ones, thinking about what number comes next and before.

Other children have been developing their understanding of number by counting in multiples of 2. They learned that they are all even numbers ending in a zero, 2, 4, 6 or 8. They learned songs to help them quickly recall their 2s times table.

In PE, the children have developed their gross motor skills by learning about control, direction and balance. They had fun showing different ways they can travel on their tummies, bottoms and knees.


After discussing the rules they must follow to keep them safe, the children enjoyed a session in the woods, showing how they can follow the rules.

We said Congratulations to Viraj who was our Star of the Week for showing independence.